I’ve recently gotten 2 more tattoos this past weekend (my total is now 5) and I graduated highschool on Monday. They did not know of the first 3 and found me at the parlor the day I got these last 2. My father condones them and my step-mother is not fond of them, but that is not my problem. I am 18, it is my body, my money, and my time that I spent getting them. They do not effect those around me, my judgement, nor my personality as I interact in the world. The only thing they effect is the pigment of my skin and the scars they cover. 

Everyone else seems to think differently. 

I am my own person who is capable of making my own decisions. I have grown up independent and with little emotions or attachment to anyone, so that is why I cannot grasp the fact that my father and my step-mother are angry at me for making the decision to cover my body in tattoos that have special meaning and that represent me as an individual. They may effect my ability to get jobs but that is my burden and I will take the necessary actions and precautions to make sure they do not negatively effect my future. 

But I do not regret them and I will fight for my right to have tattoos on my body. 

My body is my own to worship and alter as I see fit but I am happy in my body for once. I am happy with myself and who I have become so why can that not be enough?