December 20, 2016

 I don’t know if you’ll ever see this, Southwest Airlines employees/ Company, but your airline is the best I have ever experienced. I’ve traveled on many airlines over my life, but Southwest is and always will be my first choice. Your service is impeccable, your travelers are so very polite, and your company is well-established. Your patrons are always first and you do your absolute best to make sure each journey is a one-in-a-million adventure. I’ve witnessed smart quips from your flight attendants, a whole plane light up as we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to a very lucky woman in the back of the plane, and pilots who crack so many jokes that make each flight a joy in itself. I travel quite a bit throughout the year and each time it is always Southwest because I know, just by taking part in a few-hour flight, I become a part of a special family. Here’s to the rest of my travels on Southwest, the best airline on the market. 

-K. Morgan